Thursday, November 10, 2011

Move #23 Coming Up!!!

That's right.  We are moving again.  This will be move #23 since we have been married.  It does not count the times that David moved without us to go to schools while in the Army or going on unaccompanied tours.  This time we are going to Idaho.  It is someplace new for us.  We have not lived there before.  Of course Leslie lives there, so that is good.  I really wanted to live near one of the girls.  And two of our grandkids live there too.  So that is great!!!  :)

We will be just six miles from Leslie in Idaho Falls.  We found a super nice home on a cul-de-sac in a subdivision.  Our home does not have any HOA fees or covenants that you have to live by.  So that is great.  We DON'T like covenants.  Some covenants have really stupid restrictions.  Like parking a vehicle on the street.  Or no trailers in your driveway.  Etc.  Our home is one of the first in the neighborhood and the HOA and covenants come along later.  So that is fine and dandy with us.  The home is also on a golf course.  So that is kind of neat even though we do not play golf.  But it does sound impressive.  :D

We have movers coming the end of the month.  We should be in Idaho by Dec. 5th.  Looking forward to decorating for Christmas.  I have not decorated in several years.  No one to see my handiwork here.  Just David and I.  Every once in awhile my sisters come by.  But our house here is VERY secluded.  Now we will be in a neighborhood.  I hope we adjust okay.  I think I will, but David might have a problem.  

Here are some pictures of our house:

Front of house
Living Room

Kitchen from the Dining Room
Upstairs Family Room

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom
Downstairs Family Room

Front of house from corner of property

Back of house from corner of property

Back patio area

Waterfall-needs work

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Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

I am very excited! And so are the kids. You'll be here in time for my birthday. Yay!!! Love you!