Monday, September 15, 2008

New Job

This is Poppers/Papa/Papa Bear/David/Dave. I started a new job with the Forest Service today. It is a really low paying job and is not permanent but it counts towards retirement and helps pay the bills.

I'm working on a trail crew for the Shawnee National Forest. We make and maintain hiking and equestrian trails on the forest. Our main area is the Lusk Creek Wilderness which is near Eddyville. We hike in to wherever we are working for the day, do the work, and hike out. It is hard physical work and when we are working in the wilderness all the work has to be done with hand tools, not power tools are allowed. We dig, cut trees, move rocks, make big rocks into little rocks, and pile brush to try and discourage people from making new trails.

Something really crazy about the job; Ray Broadway is on the crew.