Thursday, June 26, 2008

Still working at it!

We are still working on our fence. David did get the last post holes dug today for our orchard. So that is great. Next week we will hopefully get the rest of the trees cut for our fence and before we do that, get the rest of the fencing up around the garden. We have killed 15 meat chickens and two ducks and have them in the freezer. So that will also help with less chickens being around to eat my plants when I replant them. There is still time to get a garden in for the season. Some of the plantings will be for a fall garden. But that's ok. I had planned on planting a fall garden anyways. Now it will be my main garden. The summer plants don't have a lot of time left to produce really well for a bountyful harvest. But that's ok. (Less work to do in the kitchen canning it. :) ) I think the sadest part about my gardening experience this year is that Leslie, Heather, and Kari are having a bad year too. That is a bummer. But things can turn around on us and we can still have a successful garden. Here's hoping.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Beginning

This is a first for me, so be patient. Not sure what I want to say in my blogs, but I thought maybe about our life and activities on our property.
Right now our big thing is trying to put a fence around our garden. It is a 5 ft fence. Hoping to keep our chickens out of it. I had it planted once, and the chickens ate most of the new tender plants. So I will have to replant after the fence is up. Still need to get 6 poles in the ground. And then, of course, put up the fencing and then making gates. Hopefully we get all this done before the season it over. :)