Monday, March 30, 2009

Kittens & Khaki

Our cat, Kitty, or now Mama Kitty, had kittens on March 28, 2009. She had five but two died. We do not know the sex of the kittens yet. Will need to look. But I did name the kittens. Not sure yet which kitten gets which name but... Their names will be Flo, Floppy, and Little Bit. I named them after David's mother, Florence. Mom's birthday was on the 28th so I thought it would be appropriate to name them after her. I think she would be tickled. I need to tell her about her namesakes. I thought of the names after I talked to Mom on her birthday. Here are a few pictures. Will need to get more later. Also including a picture of Khaki for Erin & Spencer.