Monday, February 2, 2009

First Winter Storm 2009

Tuesday January 27th,was the beginning of Winter Storm 2009. We had a nice layer of ice all over the place that morning. David didn't have to go to work. It was cancelled. Then on Wednesday morning we woke up with snow on top of the ice. And NO power. David didn't have work this day either. So he went out and checked the road for damages. Of course it was a mess. He helped our neighbor, William , and friend, Dean clean it up. I worked on our driveway. Fun, fun. Later in the day we also lost our water. Good. Now I don't have to take a bath. LOL At least I can laugh about it. We were expecting this to happen, so we took showers and did laundry the night before. The water came back on on Thursday, but then it went out again on Saturday, but for only a half day. Our power didn't get restored until Sunday night at 7:30pm. We were excited. It is not fun to be without electricity. Five days it too long. We did borrow my sister's (Karen) generator on Thursday night, so we could plug in our freezers. We didn't have to return it to her the next morning, because she had power restored at her house. That was nice. So we ran the generator off and on during the day. That single light bulb was sure nice. And we were even able to get on our computers and watch a DVD. We were in 7th heaven. We do plan on getting our own generator in the very near future. We did have a wood burning stove put in in the fall, so we do have heat. Thank goodness, because our primary heat source was electricity. So here are some pictures for you to enjoy. Happy Winter to all and to all a better winter.

Snow & Ice Covered Vehicles
The ice/snow layer was 3-4 inches thick.
Glad it was David cleaning off the vehicles and not me. :)

Front Yard
We will have to cut down the redbud tree. The large branch that fell off, pulled the bark off all the way to the ground. We will plant a new one in the spring.

Sparkling Crape Mrytle in the Nightlight

Crape Myrtle With Snow
It popped back up after the snow melted.

Looking Down Driveway

I loved the way the sky looks in this picture.

More trees bent over in the back yard.

Ice Covered Oak Tree in Front Yard

We lost a big branch on this tree last year too. Hopefully it is on the other side so it is more symmetrical now. I have to check that out sometime.

I liked the color of the sky with the snow on the trees. Don't you think this is a pretty picture?

The sun setting on the snow and ice.
I love the way the ice and snow glistens. It is beautiful. Hope you can see it in the picture.

Ice & Snow Covered Branches
This layer of ice and snow is 3-4 inches thick. It hurt when it started melting and fell on you.

Siener Rd.
Some of the many trees across the road.

Siener Rd.
More trees. There were more trees this year than last year. But last year's trees were bigger.

Our Driveway

Roof of Chicken Run
The chicken run looked like an ice cave. It was awesome. Too bad we didn't get a picture from inside. The door was frozen close so we couldn't get inside.

More of Chicken Run

Ice Covered Cedar Tree
I was surprised the branches didn't sag on the cedar tree with all the weight from the ice and snow. Their branches are very weak.

Cathy on Fire Break
We had just cleaned up this area from last years ice storms. Now I guess we get to do it again. Oh, boy!

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Leserlee said...

The crepe myrtle at night looked so neat! I'm glad you have power again. That's nice. Your storm got us to thinking about what we would do in similar circumstances. Eek, we don't really know what we would do without power for so long. But at least our heat is gas and not electric.