Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well, today is our 34th anniversary. We had a good day even though our daughters have all forgotten it is our anniversary. I wonder if they will remember when it is our 50th? Daughter #3 did call, but it was just to tell us how things were going for getting their home and furnishings for it. She was excited about it. So were we. We are happy for her. But it would be nice if at least one of them had remembered. Oh well. Maybe next year. After we drilled Daughter #3 about expecting all the girls to have called us today, then she remembered it was our anniversary. So she did tell us "Happy Anniversary". We love them all. I hope I remember when it is their anniversary seeing I am making a "big deal" about them not remembering ours. :)


Leserlee said...

I have been in my own little bubble. Besides, I always think it is the 15th. Ooops. So sorry. It was your 35th, right? 1975, I know that much. If it makes you feel better, Carl can barely remember birthdays. I guess he is rubbing off on me.

dacjohns said...

Ya, blame it on your sweet husband. Kari just called. I told her she was the first. She was surprised. We laughed. Love you. (And it is 34th, not 35th.)

Kaycei said...

I don't think I've ever remembered your anniversary. But, considering I forgot my own anniversary last year, do you really expect me to remember anyone elses? I'll try and remember your 50th.