Friday, June 6, 2008

The Beginning

This is a first for me, so be patient. Not sure what I want to say in my blogs, but I thought maybe about our life and activities on our property.
Right now our big thing is trying to put a fence around our garden. It is a 5 ft fence. Hoping to keep our chickens out of it. I had it planted once, and the chickens ate most of the new tender plants. So I will have to replant after the fence is up. Still need to get 6 poles in the ground. And then, of course, put up the fencing and then making gates. Hopefully we get all this done before the season it over. :)


Leserlee said...

Darn chickens. Hopefully the work goes fast so you can still have a garden. I hope mine grows. I still don't have everything planted. Mostly just the tomato starts, onion starts, and corn seeds to go. I found some kind of squash growing in my compost pile this morning. There must be some good soil under there somewhere.

Leserlee said...

Have you guys told Erin about Lucky?? That's too bad that s/he disappeared. Have you seen the snake again since you sent it off to the neighbors??

dacjohns said...

No more snake. I guess he likes his new home. And Erin does know about (Un)Lucky.