Thursday, July 24, 2008

Me, Myself, and I

I think: Not very often.

I know: Not much.

I want: Most things.

I have: Four great daughters and their families and a great husband. What more could you want?

I wish: I could see my daughters and their families more often.

I hate: Being so far from my daughters.

I miss: My daughters. (Were you expecting this answer?)

I fear: Not knowing my grandchildren.

I smell: Nothing at the present moment.

I crave: Something, but I don't know what it is. Wish I did because I am hungry.

I search: For stuff all the time. Sometimes I get lucky and find it. Like the pattern for making Squirts blessing outfit.

I wonder: What the future will be like. Don't you?

I regret: Not having my father with me longer. He died at the age of 50.

I love: My family. Even my extended one.

I care: For lots of things. My family, the environment, my health (and for my family's health), for the future of the world.

I always: Want to be a better person.

I am not: That better person. But I keep trying. Maybe someday.

I believe: In Jesus Christ. A living prophet (Thomas S. Monson).

I dance: Not much at all.

I sing: Not very good. But I like to. Can't carry a tune.

I don't always: Say the right word.

I write: Not very often. I use to be great at it. But it died about the time my father died. Don't know why that happened, but it did. Weird.

I lose: My mind at times. Who doesn't?

I win: Every now and then. Thank goodness. It feels good.

I never: Say never.

I listen: Not well enough. But I am trying to be better at it.

I can usually be found: At home.

I am scared: Of dogs. I love puppies, but not dogs.

I need: A real house.

I am happy about: My family.

I tag: No one. Sorry Leslie. But if someone wants to do this, they can without me tagging them. I love you. :)

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Leserlee said...

Mom, I'm glad you finally posted another blog. I think blogging is fun. It's an easy way to keep in touch with a lot of people at once. Of course it can be hard to find things to write about sometimes, but then, I can always find something. Whether or not people choose to read my blogs is another thing. Hope all is well with you guys. I start seeing the doctor every week now. Oh boy. And I cancelled the chiropractor. Hopefully I don't need it. I sure do have better things to spend money on.